Odds and Winnings at Pokies

What are the odds of winning with the pokies? Is there a probability that you are going to beat the pokies? Is there anything like a pokies winning strategy for Australians when playing at any of the pokies listed at http://bestcasinosource.com/?

Let’s dispense with the first myth. There is nothing like a winning strategy when it comes to pokies or the slot machines. It is purely a game of chance. A technical term for that is a negative equity game. In a game of poker, it is possible for you to devise a winning strategy because you are playing against a human opponent. However, in pokies where you are playing against machines or against the house, it is really not possible to have a strategy for consistent winnings.

Why You are not winning constantly at pokies

If you are playing at any of the reputable pokies for Australians listed at http://bestcasinosource.com/, you are not going to make money over the long term and profitably with the games. Suppose you are required to match 5 symbols in order to win a jackpot in a $1 slot machine. With time, the symbols will have an equal chance of emerging in all the machines. You have a 20% or 1/5 chance of hitting a cherry on a single line. The odds of hitting 5 cherries will as a result be 1/3125 or 1/5 * 1/5 * 1/5 * 1/5 * 1/5. This is an odds of 0.032%.

Your odds of winning will, however, be better than 0.032% as you could as well hit five whistles, five bells or five of any of the 5 symbols on the slots machines. This improves your odds to 5 * 0.032 or 0.16%. In the Casino, if you carry out 625 spins on the slots machines, you are going to hit the jackpot once by hitting any set of the 5 identical symbols that are on the slots machines.

In a $1 slots machine, you will have to spend $624 in order to hit the jackpot. Here is where luck applies. You don’t have to spin 624 times to get lucky. You could get lucky on the second spin or the tenth spin. However, if you are playing the slots of machine over the longer term, the law of averages will apply and there is no way you are going to beat the pokies and make profits over a long duration of time.

Why Play If You Don’t Stand a Chance?

People play pokies for the thrill and the enjoyment of it. Gambling is quite a thrilling release. Problem only begins if you get addicted and begin blowing your savings on it. Of course along the way, you could also get incredibly lucky and make a lot of money in the process.

It is important to note that the slots machines do have an edge but the casino houses will unlikely no divulge information. If you are gambling at some of the pokies listed at http://bestcasinosource.com/, try to establish the edge when you are signing up at the platform. There are countries where the laws require that it be set above a certain limit.